I love to see the Temple in Kennewich WA.

I love to see the Temple in Kennewich WA.
At the temple with the district.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Update for Elder Butler's Blog

Dec 3, 2012
Hey so it was another great week. We had our Ward Christmas Party, Chelsie P. passed her baptism interview, and we had Zone Leader Council.

First off our Ward Christmas party was awesome! It was a prime rib dinner (I know it's against my diet, but it was for a good cause haha.)
Plus, we also had investigators there so it was even better. We also sung a couple songs: One with the ward choir and one with another companionship of missionaries. The one with the missionaries was fun. A day before we made giant Christmas present costumes and we wore them at the party and sung in them as well. I guess one of our investigators video tapped it, so we're gonna get the video and send it.

And right before the party, we had Chelsie P. baptism interview. Chelsie is an investigator that we've been working on for a while. 11 weeks ago she was atheist and now she's getting baptized!!!! Her husband is a newly activated member and will get to baptize her on Saturday. I love the Gospel.

Also, on Friday we had Zone Leader Council. That's where the missionary pictures came from. You might be able to recognize some of the missionaries in the pic. Three of them have been my companions. (La Rue, Peterson, and Hopkins) Honestly, my favorite part about missionary leadership is going to meetings and learning from President and others. I love learning. I feel my mission has instilled in me a stronger yearning for knowledge. I love it!!!!

Also, here's something I read yesterday during fast Sunday. It's in Alma 37:
14 And now remember, my son, that God has aentrusted you with these things, which are bsacred...
 16 But if ye keep the commandments of God, and do with these things which are sacred according to that which the Lord doth command you, (for you must appeal unto the Lord for all things whatsoever ye must do with them) behold, no power of earth or hell can atake them from you, for God is powerful to the fulfilling of all his words.
 17 For he will fulfil all his apromises which he shall make unto you."
Heavenly Father doesn't just give us blessings/talents for fun. He expects us to use them, to profit from them; to help others with them. I love the parable of the talents. I love being able to recognize attributes God has given me and using them. I know that if we do that, He will help us with everything that we need. I love you all and hope you have a great week. BYE
Elder Butler
The work here is going awesome. We found 3 new people to teach here. One of them is Natalie A. She's sisters with a girl in our YSA branch, but not a member. She has had questions about the church for a while, but has never really sought it out, until now. Last week we explained what the Book of Mormon is to her. She has a lot of friends that feed her Anti-Mormon stuff but, she's going to the source and asking us all the questions. So, it's been going good.

We also had a great turkey day. 3 different dinners and a whole lot of pie (don't worry i stayed under 170 the whole day haha) This week was just great.

I love you all and hope you have a great week. BYE!!!!!
Elder Butler

Hey you guys,

All is going well here in Hermiston. We have a couple kinks to work out still, but I know this zone is going in the right direction. Last week at zone training meeting, we as a zone agreed to study the Book of Mormon as a zone. We came up with applying the Doctrine of Christ into the study as well, so each week we as a zone will read various excerpts from the Book of Mormon pertaining to one of the principles of the DofC. Last week was Faith, and we read 1 Nephi 2-4, Alma 32, and Ether 12. And this week we'll be focusing on Repentance by reading 2 Nephi 2, Enos 1, and Alma 34. I hope this is what the zone needs to get re-vamped into using the Book of Mormon more readily in our proselyting. 
Also, President has asked us to re-read the talks from this last General Conference and reading from the talks has been great! I've been able to see and understand more of what the Brethren want us to know and feel about the Gospel. I hope to always be able to go back and re-read the things we learn in conference.
Guess what!?! Elder Paul B. Pieper of the seventy is coming to our mission on Thursday. So we all get to go up and here from him. I'm super excited! And, what's even better is that he wants to meet with all of the zone leaders before to give us more training. Super excited for that. I'll tell you more about it next week.
In regards to the work, it's different. Because we're zone leaders, we have less time to proselyte. Like for example this week is horrible. Monday was P-day and we had 2 companionship's move to different apartments so our whole day was taken by that. (I didn't even get to play basketball :() ) Today we have Stake Correlation which means lots of paper work, we don't plan on leaving our apartment till 4 pm. Wednesday we drive to Heppner, which I'll explain more about in a little bit, Thursday is the Pieper Conference, Friday is the day we'll take to plan for the next week, along with exchanges with the Assistants. Saturday we have Interviews and a Specialized training which will take all day, and then Sunday is Church day. So we really need to buckle down and stay focused in the work.
Now, I mentioned Heppner. Heppner, Oregon is a little town about 55 minutes south of Hermiston. We cover a little branch of about 100 people down there. So we drive there once a week and do as much as we can to fire up the missionary work there. It's been really great actually. Our days in Heppner are fun, we teach a whole bunch of people, and it really makes the members down there (as few of them as there are) happy. Most of the people we teach will listen, until they realize that church means commitment, and then they don't want to talk any more. But, we do have one solid investigator named Betty W. She's 72 years old and loves it when we come over to talk. She was going to come to church, but she ended up having to go to the hospital for some breathing problems. But, she's fine now and we're going down to teach her again tomorrow. Also, the branch that Heppner attends (The Willow Creek Branch) only has about 40 people that attend church. The building isn't much bigger than the Roseburg High Seminary Building and their chapel is the size of our primary room in the Bruceville building. It's a little different, but we love it. And so do the members. Last week we tracked into the EQ Pres/YW Pres house and as we talked they both said that they were super happy to see missionaries here in Heppner. Both Elder Phillips and I feel that one day Heppner will have their own set of missionaries. And I hope I get to see that day.
I don't think that there was anything that i was planning on talking about.
I love you guys, and hope you have a great week. Talk to you next week.
Elder Butler

Hey, that's great to hear about the football game. How is Kimball playing? Is he doing all that he needs to do to prepare for his mission? And also, that scripture is one that I've loved for a long time out here on the mission. I especially love the message from the verse before. (minus the wicked abominations part) But it helps us remember what we need to do to live happy lives, and that we have felt the Spirit testify to us that the Gospel is true.

One thing for us this week was Fast Sunday yesterday. Elder Wolfgramm and I planned before sacrament meeting that we would both bare our testimonies together. We really are trying to focus on member trust. If the members don't trust us, then they aren't going to refer their friends to us. So we decided that baring our testimonies, and complimenting each other on how well we both are at working, we would build the trust the members have in us. And guess what, IT WORKED. After sacrament meeting, we had loads of members come up to us telling us how much they appreciated our testimonies. And later on during Sunday School and Ward Council, we had 3 different members come up to us and tell us that they had people for us to teach. I'm soooo happy for Heavenly Father and His inspiring prompting to me to bare our testimonies in sacrament meeting. I know there are people to teach for missionaries all along the world. We as members just need to find them. So keep looking Mom and Dad!!! They're there, I know it.
Love you much!!!
Elder Butler

Hey guys, thats awesome to hear about all thats going on with the family. (car, talks, and eagle award) Keep doing work!!!!
Also, happy birthday to Kimball. I'm super glad that he's doing all that he can to be happy. I love you all, I'm sorry the email is short. P-day is the busiest day after all. I shall write letters to you all. BYE!!!

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