I love to see the Temple in Kennewich WA.

I love to see the Temple in Kennewich WA.
At the temple with the district.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Weeks of Emails

April 11, 2011
We had zone conference yesterday, so p-day was on Wednesday this week. We have a bbq planned later today, then we'll play bball also. (most of the missionaries aren't very good haha)
We've been teaching a couple new families this last week and we're hoping to get them on date for baptism soon :) we have a baptism this Saturday planned for the guys I talked about a couple weeks ago he's really excited to finally get it done. I guess his parents didn’t want him to at first but now they are fine with it.
I hope you guys have a fun Easter :) take care

April 4, 2011

Hey Dad,
That's way cool about the woman wanting to get baptized. I hope all is going well at home, Alyssa says that you guys are doing some legit landscaping haha I'm glad i don't have to help with that. Anyways, Conference was great, i really like elder Oak's talk about priorities, it really stuck out to me regarding missionary work. He said "priorities dictate decisions, decisions dictate choices, and choices make us who we are." i just really liked that a lot. we had a less active bring her kids and mother with her to the last session of conference, it was a really good learning experience for them. The mom seemed to really like the talks, we have a return appointment with her this week. It’s a tough area, i think we are teaching 6 single moms right now, but they seem to be really determined to learn about the gospel. Thank you so much for the email, I'm probably gonna write the siblings this week so could you tell them that for me??? LOVE YOU GUYS

Elder Butler
My house address is:
 4607 Hilltop Drive, Pasco WA 99301

April 4, 2011

Hey Mom,

I took out money is for the bike I bought from a missionary. It was originally 500 but the guy's gonna leave it here when he goes home, and the church will sell it for more and he really doesn't care so I bought it I’ll send some pics of it later.
I'm trying to make smart choices in what I buy, luckily there's a super Wal-Mart here so I don't spend much on things. The sheets are great as well, I really like them, my companion's are quite jealous.
Conference was great, I really liked priesthood session. President Monson was really funny when he spoke, same with President Uctdorff. They really are inspired men, with a sacred calling. Which talk stuck out to you??? I want to look over the talks and cross reference them and stuff.
Anyways thank you so much for writing me, I Love hearing from you. Take Care.
Elder Butler