I love to see the Temple in Kennewich WA.

I love to see the Temple in Kennewich WA.
At the temple with the district.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Elder Salmon and I at the Temple

Here I am on California Drive. Almost like home.

Still loving the game.

Random investigator - not just a horse.

Go Game? We Do!

Fun toy car at member's home.

My trainer Elder Salmon 1 year shirt.

On top of Badger Mountain.

Two by Two - even at the Temple.

June 21, 2011

Elder Hopkins and I are doing great together (Elder Salmon was transferred last week). We really do have a common love for missionary work. This past week, we've been riding bikes a lot because of our lack of miles left over for the rest of the month. It's been a great experience to ride. We've had more opportunities to talk with people and proclaim the gospel to them. My companion has gotten 3 flat tires so far. We both can see the adversary working against us, and trying to keep us from helping with the lords work.

On Sunday, we had a couple lessons planned after church. The first one was on the east side of the freeway. Sadly the appointment feel through. Plus the member that was supposed to pick us up and drive us to the next appointment had to leave so we we're left on one side of Pasco, needing to get to the other side of town for our next appointment. The thought of canceling the next appointment came to my mind. the man we were meeting had canceled with us before and didn't seem to promising. But, thankfully Elder Hopkins counseled that we "needed" to go to this next appointment so we did. We biked all the way across town, and knocked the man's door. He said he had a tattoo appointment in 15 minutes. But, he still let us in. Once we had our opening prayer, his younger brother walked in. He also had to leave but thought he could listen for a while. Long story short, we taught the restoration to both of them, they wanted to meet again, and so we set up another appointment for next Sunday. Both the man and his younger brother we're very eager to read form the Book of Mormon, and Elder Hopkins and I are both very happy we decided to bike across town. :)

Elder Butler

June 14, 2011

So I'm glad you got the letters and pic's. Thanks for sending the stuff back so fast.
Elder Salmon is getting transferred. I will be staying here, and Elder Hopkins will be taking his place. Elder Hopkins served with me in the MTC. He's a great missionary with a stellar testimony. I can't wait to get back with him.

Last week I ended up having a couple of accidents. The first happened on my bike. I ended up crashing and ripping one pair of my suit pants. I was able to get them sewed up good as new, but it set me back about 23$. The second happened on p-day, I rolled my ankle pretty bad. It was all black and blue. My whole foot was about the size of a melon. But im alot better :) I ended up needing to buy an ankle brace as well. It has helped ALOT. If possible, i would love to have some re embursment for those costs.

I have a fathers day present all ready to send of the Columbia River Temple for his office at work. 
I guess cant tell you guys enough how much i love hearing from you, please take care. I Love you mommy.
Elder Butler